How To Properly Mix Henna

How To Properly Mix Henna

How To mix Henna

Gear Needed

A bowl, pair of gloves, shower cap, rug to cover the area to avoid stains, wooden spoon to stir henna, and a hair tint brush (optional). Let’s determine how much henna you need for your hair. Here are some guidelines: you will need more then suggested amount if you have very thick and curly hair and you can always mix more as needed.

Short Hair & Half Beard

1/3 (4.5 tbsp)

Shoulder Length & Full Beard

2/3 (8tbsp)

Mid Back

Full Pack

Hip Length

1&1/2 pack

Mustache & Eyebrows

1/4 (3tbsp)

  1. In a bowl, mix Pure Henna with warm water until it forms into a pudding/cake batter consistency. The henna mixture should be thin enough to apply easily but not too watery that slides off your tresses. It is recommended to leave the mixture out for 1-2hrs before applying. Your henna may harden over the time, just apply a little henna to loosen it up a bit. (it is recommended not to use any metallic utensils)
  1. Please make sure your hair is clean and dry in order to achieve maximum results. Please note you may add anything into your mixture as desire; however, we do not recommend adding any oil to the henna mixture. You want as much product on your hair. You can always apply any oil afterwards if needed.
  1. Put your gloves on & separate your hair into sections to achieve maximum coverage. With a brush or with your gloved hands, apply henna mixture from root tips working down; each section at a time. Continue applying until all of the henna mixture is applied to your hair. At this point you should feel well coated with henna mud & a bit heavy (please note henna smells like nature). For facial hair: please use your fingers to deeply color the area and then go over with another smooth coat of henna.
  1. Cover your head with a shower cap or saran wrap and wait 2-3hrs. Longer you wait the darker color you will get but you need to leave it on for a min of 2 hours for good color. (3hours recommended)
  1. Now it’s time to rinse out. This will take a bit more time then rinsing out regular hair dye. To better rinse out do not layer your hair on top to rinse. Start from tip and rinse downwards. Rinse henna with cold/cool water (no shampoo) with/without conditioner and rinse until water until water runs clear.  Cold water helps to lock in the tones. This goes the same in wash any facial hair.

First time henna users

Please note your results may vary and it may take up to 3-4 application for your hair to recognize henna. Henna naturally conditions, strengthens, removes excess oil, & protects your hair from sun damage! Leaving your hair silky and soft.

Oops! Did your skin get stained? No worries, the color on your skin will fade away with time. Just be sure not to try rubbing it off with oils or anything else as it will darken the color.

Tips: (Here are some tips from our customers, individual’s results may vary) You do not need to apply or add anything if you do not wish to.

  • You may apply Vaseline along your creases to avoid henna stains
  • Mixing with warm brewed black coffee helps darken the color
  • If you have gray hair you may mix2-3 tsp of apple cider vinegar (helps henna to hold onto gray better)
  • Mixing our essential oils (lavender essential) in henna mixture or dilute and apply to your hair to avoid henna smell
  • You may want to wear old clothes to avoid any stains
  • Store leftover henna in a dry cool place in a Ziploc
  • Avoid any heat styling to keep hair color last longer
  • It is recommended to use sulfate free or natural shampoo/conditioner

We thank you for choosing The Henna Guys and wish you the best! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and visit us at our website.

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