2020 Hair Trends: Stay on Trend with Henna Hair Dye

2020 Hair Trends: Stay on Trend with Henna Hair Dye

Changing up your hair color is one of the easiest ways to stay current. Unlike updating your wardrobe, it doesn’t matter what size you wear, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

And even if you’re wearing an everyday outfit, you’ll look up-to-the-minute in one of the year’s hot hair colors. Henna hair dye can help you look your most fashionable without breaking the bank or subjecting your hair and body to harsh chemicals.



Nourishing Hair Through Self-Care

Self-care has meant a lot in 2020. Worldwide lock-downs have made DIY hair color and other home beauty routines a must as salons everywhere closed their doors, at least temporarily. While applying hair color at home has been challenging for some, others have taken the opportunity to explore color and have fun experimenting with new looks.

Even at-home haircuts have had their moment, and former salon die-hards went chemical-free after chopping off longer locks. Judging by their social media posts, hair detox has been kind to celebrity hair!



Anything Goes

When you’re stuck at home, there’s less risk involved with trying out new hairstyles and colors. Unless you share pics on social media or get together with friends for video chats, no one needs to know about that bad cut or hair color fail. Maybe that’s why so many celebs are exploring every shade and style known to man.

From Kaia Gerber’s Kurt Cobain-inspired pink hair to Kylie Jenner’s self-inflicted break from extensions, the famous among us are taking chances on unexpected styles and colors or low-maintenance looks in 2020. Whether you’re staying at home or back in business, cut chemicals from your beauty routine and get healthier hair with natural beauty products.

Paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, herbal hair masks and other all-natural beautifiers are the perfect antidote to color-, heat- and product-fatigued locks.

High-Contrast Color

Whether you’re bored with your natural hair color or just want to try out a new hair trend, color blocking is a trend worth watching. Borrowing from the runway, high-contrast hair looks provide drama with panels or sections of hair in different shades or colors from surrounding locks.

This color trend offers something a little more dramatic for those who are tired of Balayage. Natural shades with a hint of drama also inject a little excitement into your hair routine. A touch of amethyst elevates natural-looking browns, and orange-red henna brightens tired locks.

Of course, trying on a new color for size can be exciting, even if you’re going for a more natural look. 



Natural Beauty

This has been a year for subtle but shimmering sweet chocolate, a soft warm brown. Wheat blonde is replacing brassier tones or warming up ash blonde tresses. This beautiful shade looks amazing on Chloe Moretz and Taylor Swift, but the rest of us can take full advantage of its warmth and shine, too.

Spiced gold is a hot hair color for 2020, and no one does it better than Emma Stone and Blake Lively. Open to interpretation, spiced gold can go light, dark or anywhere in between as it blends warm and cool tones.

Cassia obovata powder helps brighten and add gloss to hair without unnatural chemicals. The herbal conditioner even provides gray coverage for blondes.  

To Gray or Not to Gray

Natural hair color takes on new meaning when it comes to grays. While some of us can’t wait to cover the first sign of aging, others are embracing our gray hairs. Even beauty-conscious celebrities are opting out of gray coverage in 2020. Gwyneth Paltrow, Christie Brinkley, Paulina Porizkova and Nigella Lawson are just a few examples of the actresses, models and other public figures foregoing hair dyes this year. Not sure you want to go full-on gray?

Make like Diane Keaton and keep some grays for contrast. Meryl Streep and other ashy blondes are leaving gray roots untouched so they blend with a soft blonde base. And if you decide you don't like the way your gray hair looks, restore your natural hair color or try something new with henna hair dye. 

Red Alert

While some are trying out espresso hair à la Kim Kardashian, especially after dealing with sun-faded locks, red hair is a dramatic and welcome change for many. Whether you’re an aspiring redhead or have never given the hue a thought, red henna lets you make a big change without risking your health or hair damage.

Red, auburn and strawberry blonde are options, but henna hair dye can also impart red undertones to darker hair colors. This year, eye-popping reds in cooler shades are big -- think poppy or cherry red.

Those with warm-toned skin will be glad to hear that deep but natural-looking reds are also popular in 2020. Auburn tones add depth and are perfect for autumn. Julia Roberts’ ruby-bronze tresses are the ideal blend of flattering red and brown tones. 

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products

Even the richest, brightest hair color doesn't look its best if your hair is unhealthy. Sound nutrition, a solid beauty regimen and genetics all play into your hair's appearance. The right products, though, can take even the most abused locks from drab to fab. Avoid these ingredients for your general well-being -- and for your hair's sake:
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Metallic salts
  • Paraphenylenediamine, or PPD
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS

SLS and parabens can irritate the skin or scalp; long-term use hasn't been studied enough to know if more serious dangers lurk. Metallic salts dry out hair and can interfere with your hair's ability to accept conventional hair color in the future.

Phthalates may disrupt hormone function and child development. PPD can trigger allergic reactions ranging from temporary eczema to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Naturally Beautiful Hair

Opt instead for natural shampoos, conditioners and other hair products. Herbs and other straight-from-nature ingredients can boost hair beauty in surprising ways. Amla is lauded for its hair-strengthening ability, and some use it to cleanse and clear the scalp.

Also known as Indian gooseberry, this nutrient-packed plant is ground for use as a hair mask to promote hair growth and enhance hair color. Marula and argan oils provide the thickening and moisturizing capabilities of The Henna Guys' unscented shampoo.

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