2016 Wedding Hair Color Trends

Though there are many important things that demand preparation before your wedding, but what could be more important than “How would you look on your special day”, about what you must have been dreaming since your childhood especially if you are a girl. Also, you didn’t even want to imagine repenting over your appearance while looking at the wedding album in next years to come and you would perhaps agree that the hair color is the most prominent and emphasizing factor in your overall look. According to most of the professional hairstylists, it can even take months to decide the hair color of the bride before her marriage. So, the bride needs to get an appointment from the hairstylist at least three months before her marriage day, if she wants to enhance or amend her hair color or wants some new highlights or needs to repair her damaged hair and if the bride is planning to undergo a drastic change like from brunette to blonde or blonde to brunette on her big day, she needs to see the hairstylist now even it’s a year ahead!

If you have an image of the hair color you want in your mind, that’s well and good, but if you are still confused, I have put together here some of the best wedding hair color trends for this year that will surely help you out to get the most suitable and beautiful hair color on your special day. But before selecting any color you must remember that the choosing the great shade for you is an art that starts with just one query and that is, “What is your skin tone?” To answer this question is essential because you can get the most natural looking hair if you have the actual know-how of your complexion. The perfectly chosen hair color would complement your wedding dress and the jewelry you have selected too. Go through our list of the best hair color ideas for your glamorous look on your wedding day.  

1.    Honey Glee:

The honey blonde is a brilliant, vibrant and rich shade with the graceful apricot highlights. Go for the shade just one month before your wedding date, because the color is little difficult to maintain and needs care. But its hundred percent guaranteed that the color will add attraction and sparkle to your hair. The color goes well with the warm and medium skin tones and balances the makeup quite well. For both, straight and curly manes the color is glamorous and will be enhanced with the well-suited hairdos. The ponytail with rosettes for the long thick hair will look fabulous in this hairstyle. The medium length hair can wear retro-glam hairdo that will gorgeously frame your face and short hair can go for the chic bob with the honey delight.

2.    Beige Balayage:

As I mentioned above going from brunette to blonde before your wedding could be risky. But this Beige Balayage hair color idea is exactly what you can go for. If you have dark brown hair, dye them in two shades lighter color and if you have the light brown, hair go for the ash brown color. With this base now you can easily ask your hairdresser for the Beige Balayage. It would look like as if you are blonde and not brunette. This change will fulfill your desire to be blonde; at the same time will soften your look in your wedding dress. This hair color idea will suit the olive and fair skin tones equally. The short bob will enhance the hue of this color glamorously and for the long hair go for the messy lower side bun, decorated with light pink flowers on your big day.

3.    Tremendous Auburn:

Auburn hair color is a great choice for your wedding hair. It is vibrant and deep and will catch all eyes on you in the crowd. The tremendous auburn hair color is rich, intense, and is the faultless match to your peachy skin. The warm hair color will make your hair look like velvet and would you’re your skin a dazzling glow. You can add the highlights or go for Balayage in the auburn hair color with the advice of your hair stylist. The light and dark auburn pieces will create depth and volume in your hair. This is the color that will go best in the short wavy manes and for the medium length hair, go for the loose waves with waterfall twist.

4.    Chocolate and Vanilla:

On your wedding when you have all the eyes on you, to look sexually alluring a woman should wear enchanting shades to her face. This proposition works especially for some special outfit, like the one you are going to wear on your wedding. For the yummy look opt the Chocolate and Vanilla hair color that you would literally want to eat with your eyes. The color usually looks satisfactory with the warm skin tones and light-colored eyes. For your wedding, if you want some updo in this hair color the sock bun with the festooned fixture will look amazing. If you have the short hair get the razored bob and do straighten your hair. Your look will be enhanced with this hair color.  

5.    Blazing Red:

If you are inspired by the celebrities wearing blazing red hair, your wedding is the best time to go red for sure and fulfill your dream to be red-headed. I agree this color is actually attractive as it has real richness and depth. But remember this red needs care and proper maintenance so it remains blazing and fiery till your wedding date otherwise, it will fade away to orange-yellow color that doesn’t look nice. Keep giving the glossy touch-ups on your red hair. This red is for the fair and cool skin tones. It really adds shine and golden hues to your face. It works really well with short and medium length hair. Go for the half up and the half down hairdo with the stupefied headpiece.

6.    Creamy Blonde Fade:

Blonde hair can have so many features, what you opt according to what suits you depends on the creativity of your own mind. This wedding hair color idea is really attractive and tremendous to pull off without any hesitation of being not looking natural. The creamy blonde fade is somewhat similar to ombre but in this creamy blonde fade the light brown fades to the creamy blonde color. This could be the best hair color for the soft and woman like look on your wedding. So, keep staring this mane and imagine how gorgeous you are going to look in this mouth-watering hair color. The hair color is awesome for those with the cool and medium skin tones. Try the sweet curls and bird net combination for the perfect look.  

7.    Deep Dark Brown:

When you have decided to dye your hair deep and dark, always try to select the hue that it may appear as if this was the actual hue you naturally had. The deep dark brown hair is a lovely shade of brunette in which there are brown undertones in the deep black hair. The color enhances the deep skin tones whether they are cool or warm. The color suits the olive complexions also, like Kerry Washington’s hair color looks stunning on her. The dark hair always looks more fine and attractive with gloss and shine because it induces the brightness in your eyes. Carry the side-swept bun ornamented with pale pink flower with this hair color for the even prettier look. And when it comes to your wedding day what else could you wish for than the deep brown hair.

8.    Sandy Blonde Hair:

It is the gorgeous hair color for the tanned skin tone that blends the highlights beautifully despite the blonde base. The color has lighter and darker hues just like the sand particles on the sunny beach. This is a perfect hue for the natural and healthy looking hair that will surely give you a smart and sophisticated look to your wedding outfit. With the highlights, the hair looks different and multi-dimensional. For the long length or medium length hair flirty waves with fluffed-up hair go best and for the short length hair can get the slightly curly ends with elegant accessories.

9.    Caramel Brown:

Most the girls who have naturally dark brunettes admire their hair color and want to stay with it. But dark color that is monotone needs to be enhanced, especially when it is your wedding and I can confidently say that there could be no better option than fascinating caramel highlights or the caramel brown hair tips. If you want to get this hair color, ask your hairdresser to give the glossy hair treatment to richen up your dark brown base and then add the some caramel highlights around your face and to the tips of your hair. This is a sure appealing hair color that will blend gorgeously with your warm skin tones. If you have the short hair go for some ravishing curls at the end and if you have the long or medium length hair opt the half up and the half down hairdo.

10.    Strawberry Copper:

This is an intense and vibrant shade in the category of red hair. The hues copper on the strawberry is penetrating and cheerful. The color works really fine with the pale and pinkish skin tones. The strawberry blonde base gives the rosy effect and copper undertones have enough intensity to warm up your natural complexion. For some spicy change, you can add the baby highlights also along with the copper highlights. In this way, your hair color will be in the array mix red and blonde. Side parted blow-dried hair with a layered cut is a sizzling hairstyle to wear with this hair color. And if you prefer an updo, try Ballerina Bun with the gemstone headband. Such ornaments look really beautiful with the white wedding gown.