9 Eassy Steps For Apply Henna

This autumn, I chose Auburn and it looks so fabulous that I can stay with it for another year. I was light brown and the natural Auburn hair dye gave me an exciting chestnut auburn hair, which I admire every time I go in front of the mirror. Now a day Auburn hair are most popular and in because it has the wide variety of low lights and highlights to adjust with and lots of celebrities have recently switched to Auburn to take it to the more sophisticated level. When we talk about the Auburn hair color, it is a deep and warm kind of red that has russet, mustard or honey, copper, fiery red, deep plum, ash, chestnut, cinnamon, and strawberry red and ginger red all as its shades. But before you choose any of the auburn hair color hues you would need to ponder over your natural hair color, your complexion, and your eye color.

I used to ruminate that selecting the hair color is an easy task. I myself have tried many colors on my hair; I used to go to the nearby hair salon and got my hair dyed in the different color every time. But soon I realized that selecting the hair color isn't that easy, it has a drastic impact on your personality, your expressions, your skin tone and your eye color, especially when your likeness is focused towards the shades of red. It is logical that the best hair color that will suit you is either the two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural hair color. As well as, it is always important to consult some hairstylist, because you yourself may not be able to judge the resulting color of the hair dye you are using. Most of the hair dyes or colors especially the natural hair colors that are safer to use, cannot lighten your dark hair like if they are dark brown or black or even red. Blonde hair is most easy to lighten or darken but they are more prone to damaging than the dark hair. For the two types of skin tones; warm and cool, people with the warm skin tones should go for the warm hair colors and those with the cool skin tone should go for the cool hair colors. The hair color should pop your eye color out and should make eyes prominent too. 

According to the "skin tone chart", for the warm skin tones all the dark shades of auburn will look nice and for the cool skin tones, the lighter shades such as ash auburn, ginger red auburn, and chestnut auburn look quite attractive. Brown eye color carries rich and deep shades of auburn hair perfectly and all shades of auburn are famous for looking dazzling with green eyes and warm skin tones. For the blue eyes with cool skin tone the blonde auburn hair color makes the best contrast.

The above discussion was just to let you guys know the trends and variety of Auburn hair color today. There are countless brands in the market today that are offering the synthetic hair dyes but all of those dyes are ammonia based necessarily and can be extremely harmful to the people like me who needs have the craving of coloring their hair often. I love dying my hair but I have never used the chemicals on my hair, that's why my hair is healthy and strong, even after a decade of regular hair dying. I am literally addicted to the natural hair dyes. They gave the best and desired results and more safe to apply.
People say that applying the natural hair color is always messy and difficult, but I really wonder why they say so!! Every time I color my hair I really enjoy working with the henna based hair dyes and receive plenty of nice compliments too. They are refreshing and a color is always fantastic. I am really happy with the results this time too, my hair looks as if I have both chestnut and ginger spice but actually I just have the henna in my hair. The color enhances in the sun and suits with both formal and casual wear. There is a huge variety of Natural hair dyes and I am thinking to try mahogany with auburn the coming season.

Since I have the experience of years using the natural hair dyes I know that coloring your hair at home is never unapproachable even you are trying it the very first time. With appropriate groundwork and method, you can make your hair look beautiful and attractive. I can help you guys out for the smooth and easy application of the Auburn Henna based natural hair dye at your own home and save your precious dollars you are spending at the hair salon. You just need to follow the simple steps and you should have the proper time to give it to the hair dying.  

So before starting the procedure, the things you must have included:

  1. The Auburn Henna Dye
  2. The Plastic Bowl (or any other non-metallic bowl)
  3. The Plastic Spoon
  4. An Old Shirt and Towel (so that your wearable clothes may not get stained by henna)
  5. Saran Wrap (for the better color development)
  6. Hair Coloring Brush (for the better hair and roots covering)
  7. The Hair Catchers
  8. Shower cap
  9. The Plastic Gloves (to avoid staining your hands too along with the hair)
  10. Vaseline (henna tends to bleed, so you must cover your ears and hairline with the Vaseline so that the color may not come in contact with the skin)
Steps to color your hair at home are simple and easy and these expert instructions I am going to jot down below can aid you to get hairdresser's quality color right in the coziness at your own place for the minimum cost and maximum quality with the natural auburn henna based hair dye.

Step 1: Your hair should be clean:

Before you apply the hair dye to your hair, your hair should be clean and oil free. This way the henna will stay longer in your hair and the color would develop more properly, otherwise, if your hair would be dirty the henna molecules will not make the proper bond with the natural hair oil and color will fade away within a week.

Step 2: Mix the auburn henna:

The quantity of the henna powder you need depends on your hair length. I have the shoulder length hair with the normal density, so I use one pack of 100 grams. For the medium length hair you can use one and a half pack of 100 grams and for hip length hair, you may use 250 grams of the henna. But it also depends on your hair texture. Like if you have the curly hair with shoulder length you may require 150 to 200 grams of the henna. Well, this quantity is usually mentioned at the back of the pack as well. Always read that instruction too.

For mixing the hair color, take a bowl and add the henna powder into it. Add warm water into the powder gradually. Stir the mixture thoroughly with the spoon; the mixture should be as thick and homogenous as the cupcake batter because applying the thick layer is important for the desired results. Cover the henna mixture with the plastic wrap and leave it for 2 hours.

Step 3: Wear Old Shirt:

Before the application of the henna on hair don't forget to wear some old shirt. The henna that may accidently apply to clothes can stain them permanently. Also, take care of the surrounding shelves, curtain and carpets.

Step 4: Brush your hair and make the partitions:

Brush your hair and make them tangle free. Divide your hair into 4 sections and tie 3, leaving one down to color first. This section should be along with your hairline.

Step 5: Apply Vaseline and wear gloves:

Apply the Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline on the hairline and wear the gloves.

Step 6: Apply the Auburn henna mixture on hair:

When everything above is done take the mixture and uncover it. Stir it once again and start applying with the help of the coloring brush. Start from the section you left untied. Divide this section into further small sections. Apply the thick coat of henna on the hair. Apply the color from ends to the tips of the roots. Each small section should be next to the section previously done. Complete this procedure of application; it will take not more than 20 to 25 minutes once you are in practice.

Step 7: Wrap your hair:

After the thorough application, wrap your hair with the saran wrap. This helps in the better development of the color. Wear shower cap over it if you want, otherwise, it is not necessary.

Step 8: Set the Stop-Watch:

Set the stopwatch for 5 hours and make yourself busy in some work, till the henna communicates the auburn color to your hair.

Step 9: Wash your hair:

When the alarm will ring, it's the time to wash your hair. Use the normal tap water to rinse your hair. Put your hair under the tap or use a shower to wash the henna away from the hair. Do not use the shampoo but you can use conditioner to help you out while rinsing. The henna color will continue to darken for 2 to 3 days. Use shampoo after 48 hours of rinsing.

For those who are new to natural hair dyes should not worry if the resulting color isn't they were expecting. The henna may take two to three applications to be familiar with your hair but trust me it's safe to use. The natural hair dye imparts shine and softness to the hair. The henna has an anti-oxidizing property that can soothe the scalp and repair your damaged hair too. After rinsing, dry your hair and you would love to try the Natural Auburn Hair Dye again!!

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