How to get red hair naturally

Are you one of those people who have always wanted to be a red head or crave for a certain kind of redness in your hair tone? Have you always had an inclination to hair coloring but dread it because of your friend’s experiences? Maybe you’re open to the idea of experimenting wildly with your hair but still can’t get in peace with the use of chemical-laden colors used for dyeing these days?

Worry not. “The Henna guys” have just launched the perfect product to give you luscious yet natural red hair with the chemical-free “Natural Red hair henna dye”. Henna is the healthiest possible option to get yourself dyed hair, because it covers the cuticle of the hair shaft with rich color rather than altering its structure or penetrating inside.

The only comment people tell you against henna is going highlight the element of unpredictability when it comes to henna dyeing. However, precisely speaking no hair colorant is a one-size-fits-all product; the results depend entirely on your original color of hair before application and also about how much can your hair retain to reach its saturation point. Henna is this regard is way better as it is totally deprived of harmful chemicals. You can reapply it a week later to add intensity to the color, or even go for another color. Henna doesn’t lighten as quickly as regular dyes so make sure you don’t leave it on your head for more than four hours.

Now, you can get synthetic-free henna hair dye easily because our hair locks deserve better than always being put through bleaching, highlighting, chalking and just about everything under the sun. It is time to add compliments like rich and vibrant hair into your life, so layer up the natural red henna dye instead of shelling out loads of money on regular box dyes or at salons.


How to mix natural red hair dye

Henna hair dye is supposed to be made into a consistency of a thick paste. This might look gross or seem messed up but it is all going to be worth it with the results. Henna has very strong smell, and is often disliked by a lot of people. To mask this aroma, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the mixture. You also need to make the ph of the mixture acidic and for that mix in the henna powder into lemon, orange or grapefruit juice with some drops of an essential oil. Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential oil just works perfectly in harmony to henna dyes.

Make sure you use an inexpensive bowl and brush or any other mixing tool. Henna is meant to stain and the color won’t go away so make sure not to risk your favorite bowl for this beauty regimen. Slip your hands into gloves, which are not too loose on your hands and protect you from the wrath of henna stains well enough.

Put it

before putting it onto your hair; make sure you line your hairline and ears with a salve or petroleum jelly. This will save you from all sort of henna painting onto your facial skin. The lathering shall be done generously.

The paste is thick enough and not runny at all so you can apply it on your head directly with your hands without the need of any applicator brush. See, there are hardly any things that you require when it comes to henna hair dyeing. Divide your heads into manageable segments. For each segment, start the paste touch up from the roots just like your apply a shampoo. Smear it with henna going along the length of the hair shaft and reach the ends of the hair lock.

Drying it

In between the drying period, you need to cover up your henna-laden head with a cling film such that there are no gaps or a shower cap which is not too thin. You can keep it generally for 2-4 hours. Some of you might have pretty stubborn grays and will have to keep it for longer.

Washing it

Scrub off henna under tap water. The color bleeding will make you end up standing up in a puddle of green mucky water but you need to rinse the henna out of your hair till the water runs cleans. You can use some conditioner or a dab or shampoo once you have made your hair paste-free.

On your damp hair, apply Argan or coconut oil for greater results.

Be ready

Henna lightens on itself within the first three or four days. So don’t worry, henna is going to look extremely natural and people will mistake you for a natural redhead who takes a lot of care of her hair. Just be ready for the perfect red hue.

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