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How to apply henna hair dye?

Hair Dyeing has become so popular and is in so much fashion that everyone wants to experiment with their hair a little. No matter how many types of hair dyes are available in the markets around the globe, henna is righteously the safest option to go for.

And why not go for a pure henna dye when it is a chemical-free way to stain your hair and leave them heavy, silky and shiny later on. Haven't used henna on hair before? No family secrets related to dying hair with henna? Want to surprise your mom so don't want to ask her up the right way to apply a henna dye? Then, we are here to your rescue.

Cover up

Henna mixtures are bound to get messy and have a high tendency of spilling around. To save the counters and floors from the wrath of henna mixture spillage, try to make the mixture with care and on a shelf covered with a plastic wrap or film.

Get your hands into disposable latex gloves. You can even use the other transparent ones. Lastly, apply a good amount of petroleum jelly on your face so that the henna only dyes your hair and doesn’t leave a stain on your forehead or elsewhere if it spills accidentally. Wear an old shirt which you can afford to get dyed along with your hair as well.

Mix up

You can never really determine the exact amount of henna you would need, to make yourself the perfect amount of dye mixture because it depends on the length of your hair. However, the henna dye rule is that for a shiny and amazing tint to your hair you'd have to apply a generous amount of it.

Take enough amount of henna hair dye into a bowl. Obviously, over here you are clearly choosing the bowl that you are ready to have all henna pigmented. The quick tip coming your way is that to make the dye paste, you should use essential oils rather than an acidic solvent like orange or lime juice.

The essential oils improve the color intensity of the dye and this is not it, it even masks the particular henna smell that is disliked strongly by many people. Get your hands on Lavender or Rosemary essential oil to make the henna dye paste because the dye molecules get an easier access to the hair keratin once it is mixed in with the essential oils.

Add the essential oil to the powder in the bowl till it becomes a thick paste. Make sure the paste is not runny because it'll keep on dripping then.

Touch up

It is always advised to get your hair dyed from someone else because no matter how dexterous you are, you still can't see your own head properly. However, if you are doing this yourself then do place a mirror at a proper angle so that you can see the back of your head clearly.

Roughly divide your hair into two parts, the front and the back. Start putting the henna paste generously on the roots and then the along the length of the band of the hair, till the end. Now, carefully apply the paste on the hair in the front. A lot of it.

Henna once applied on hair is felt extremely cold and heavy. Make sure you do the dyeing shenanigans on a sunny day and also preferably in daylight. It is discovered lately, that if the hair laden with the henna paste are covered by the plastic film, it brings results that are better than ever.

Wash up

As soon as you think that the henna dye paste is dried now, you can rinse it off with cool water. It might seem difficult but it won't give you a hard time. Make sure your plumbing doesn't get sludged up when you are busy washing off the henna in shower.


Initially, the henna hair dye might come out brighter than the shade you'd wanted but this is just another characteristic of this natural dyeing technique. Wait for one to two days, the color will become less intense but it will bring shine and volume to your hair. You can use all sorts of hair treatment or dyes after this henna hair dye. Why? Because this is pure, triple sifted henna which won't bind you from any routine hair treatments or even dyes that you want to go for.