Hair Color Ideas

Pure & Naturals hair dyes (pure henna & Indigo)

What will your Black and Dark Hair look like with Pure Henna ?

Search through the hair color articles to give yourself a thought how henna is going to turn out on dark hair and black hair colors. Remember that you will just get stunning red/orange shades or highlights on grey. If you have that dark hair, or black hair color, the henna will include dark ruddy tones and make your hair appear as though it has normal red Darker streaks, any odd grey will look like ruddy Bright layers..
How lowlights (darker streaks) and highlights ( bright tints)  are different?  Bright tints brighten your hair ( You can expect shocking color),  at the other had Lowlights deepen your hair and are more delicate.

Black hair , burgundy and blue tints
Black hair with burgundy and red bright tints?
Black hair color ?
light Black or blue hair color?

A short instruction:

Use henna followed by indigo in 2 stages if you want a dark hair color with red lowlights or purple blue darker streaks. Full mixing and application instructions are included in the henna guys hair color pack.

Looking for brown hair color?

brown with burgundy or red darker streaks?

 You can get brown , with or without red and burgundy darker streaks . Mix Pure henna  ( Lawsonia inermis ) and Indigo Indigofera Tinctoria ) . The henna guys have ready to use preparations for  above mentioned shades.     

 My Opinion on henna /indigo strand test?

In my opinion, hair color strand test do not always give you an exact picture of your final result hair color and they do not always bring on color with the same intensity as a full head of hair would. Many individuals are not happy with the hair color strand test result but astonished with the full hair color experiment. Maybe results are varied due to body temperature; it's difficult to judge.

Likewise, keep in mind that your strand test hair may not imperatively be an exact conclusion of all over hair color because of the strand test hair may have odd color saturation, specifically  if you have already used chemical hair dyes in the past.  

And if you have colored your hair with henna and indigo, it may give a different hair color look relying on where are you standing.
It'll give a different look to hair color indoors as compared to how it looks outdoors. It's a wonderful layer of numerous colors. I will suggest you to use pure henna/indigo at least once in life. You will love it either way.

 Is pure henna / Indigo safe before and after chemical hair dyes?

If  you've used chemical hair dyes in the past, in spite of the fact that you can feel free to apply henna/indigo, I'd suggest you not to use as long as you can wait. I would advise you for minimum of 2 weeks holding up duration , particularly on the grounds that you've quite recently permed your hair.
 If I'm your beautician. My recommendation is to hold for 2 - 3 months, especially if you have used chemical hair dyes recently.  The main motivation behind why I encourage individuals to hold up to the extent that this would be possible is basically to give your hair the chance of disposing of substances developed from chemical hair dyes, furthermore to guarantee the best hair shading take from henna/indigo. It's the compound ("metallic salt blend") hennas which beauticians groan about and say you can't use before or after hair colors.
 "The henna guys" henna and indigo are not blended with metallic salts. They are 100% pure and natural. They are not the same stuff your beautician may be  discussing ! The henna guys brand's products are very safe to apply both prior and after chemical hair dyes. However my recommendation to hold up for a maximum duration before or after using hair dyes is in your best interest.

I have been stuck with THE HENNAY GUYS for hair colors and other hair, skin and beauty products including Carrier oils, essential oils, and serums.